Implantology Warsaw

It is the completion of missing teeth using titanium Dovetail intra – bone.

Stages of the implant treatment:

  1. Consultation and treatment plan
    During the consultation, the doctor examines the patient’s expectations . Performs clinical study examines the diagnostic models and radiographs 3D (Computed Tomography) which provides information about the state of the bone. On this basis it is determined a treatment plan adapted to the clinical , financial and patient needs.
  2. Intervention
    The implant (which is a titanium screw) involves exposing the mucosa of the small flap and then making the hole in the bone in which the implant is implanted.
    The procedure is performed painlessly under local anesthesia , if necessary, is performed in sedation or general anesthesia in collaboration with an experienced anesthesiologist.
    Depending on the case after the implant may be provided with a healing screw , the temporary crown or mucosal flap to be blocked until the complete integration with the bone.
  3. Stitches
    After about 10 days after surgery stitches removed cicatrizing gum treatment is painless (thread is cut and not the gum).
  4. The unveiling of the implant
    Performed after 3 months in the mandible and 4-6 months in the maxilla.
  5. The assumption of the crown
    After complete healing of the gums around the implant assumed to be adapted to the needs and abilities of the patient's crown, which may be cemented or screwed.

What implants we use in the Awodent Clinic?
implant zęba
implanty zębów
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